Why GRP?

What is GRP?

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) belongs to a group of materials known as “Polymer Composites”.A polymer composite material consists of Matrix, in this case petroleum based resin, along with the Reinforcement, glass fibre. The key function of matrix (resin) is to bind and hold the fibres (reinforcements) in position, very well. Glass fibre has some excellent mechanical properties including high rigidity and strength which makes it ideal for its role in the reinforcement of the resin. The result of combining these two elements, resin and glass fibre, is a lighter structure (in comparison tostructures composed metals or wood), is corrosion resistant and has a greater strength to weight ratio.

GRP is widely used across many industries including automotive, marine, construction and sport and leisure. Here are some examples:

  • Small to medium size boats hulls
  • Car body (Lotus)
  • Car/Trucks bumpers
  • Small aircraft fuselage
  • Bathtubs
  • Roofs

Why GRP?

  • Low Cost; as results of lower manufacturing cost
  • Durability; being corrosion resistant and weatherproof
  • Maintenance Free; no paint is required
  • Ease of Installation; can be fitted in a few hours
  • Wider Choice; various styles and designs

Want to add some extra pizzaz to the entrance of your home? What better way than with a GRP door canopy from Midland GRP.

Here at Midland GRP Ltd we design, manufacture and sell GRP / Fibreglass / Composite door entrance canopies direct to the PUBLIC as well as trade.

We have a door canopy for every need. We offer a range that comprises of fixed width canopies along with two designs, the Palermo and Delta that can be made to measure to ensure a perfectly fitting door canopy to suit your exact needs. We also sell brackets, columns,  pillers and door surrounds that will give the front of your home an instant facelift. As well as the traditional grey and white colour options we also offer a range of colours including oak, mahogany and anthracite grey, if any other colours are required please give us a call or drop us an email and we will happily accommodate your requirements. 

Every canopy is supplied with fitting instructions and fittings making fitting your door canopy or easy enough for any DIY enthusiast.


We are a family run business based in the heart of the West Midlands, centrally located should you wish to collect your order or we can, of course, deliver anywhere in the UK.
All of our door canopies and columns are produced by hand ensuring the highest quality.

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Unlike many other materials, our fibreglass product range is built to withstand extreme weather conditions and does not deteriorate over time. A quick wipe over with soapy water and your canopy and columns will look as good as new for many years to come.